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Playtime just became a new game of bounce and fetch with the help of our new toy, Pop-Upz! Designed with self- righting technology, it will pop upright on land and water ensuring high visibility and easy pick up for your dog. The erratic wobble in flight and on land, will also stimulate both mind and muscle. Choose from our 5 Rogzilicious colours in 2 sizes.


The Treat Puzzle, putting a spin on slow feeding! 3 Adjustable release rate settings for different levels of learning. Fill with pellets or treats and watch your dog interact with this great treat puzzle toy - stimulating both mind and muscle all while filling their tummy. Made from highly durable ABS, BPA free and dishwasher safe. Choose from our 5 Rogzilicious colours, in 1 size.

Fancy Dress

Introducing Purple Forest. Your dog will delight in the fresh floral shades of violets and lavender whilst basking in the contrasting effervescent blends of turquoise and silver shimmers of our new Fancy Dress design.

Fancy Dress

Introducing Turquoise Paw. This vibrant shade of turquoise blue designed with a touch of classic chrome, adds the perfect gemstone to your four-legged friend’s wardrobe this season.

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