A Big Fan

A Big Fan

Hello there I have long been a fan of the Rogz collection and my dogs have worn them for some time now. I have just become the proud owner of a rescue chocolate lab and really need to get him his own set. I’ve fallen in love with the limited edition yellow and grey. Cheers […]

I Love Your Website

My name is Riana and I work at a vetshop in George. I really like your gear and recommend it to everyone. I LOVE your website – it’s thee coolest one I’ve ever seen!! Take care Riana (George, South Africa)

The Best Ever

I adopted a 2.5 year old Great Pyranese a year ago and he needed a new collar. It was difficult to find a collar large enough for him. Finally i found one at a pet store out of town, I live on a small island outside of Vancouver British Columbia. I purchased a collar and […]

Dexter & Sabre

Dexter & Sabre love to cuddle together in their Rogz Podz. We often find toys and treats buried under their pillow, hidden away for midnight snacks and games. Bev Dobson (Kane Veterinary Supplies Edmonton)

My Dog Loves It!

Hey Guys I picked up a ROGZ Flying Bonehead at my work and my dog loves it!!!! I do too!! My arms usually hurt when I throw a stick for too long, and now with the bonehead I can throw for hours. Only my dog (an English bull terrier called Zyno) isn’t that playful for […]

From Down Under

Dear Sir/Madam, I have purchased items made by your company in the Southern States of Australia and would like to purchase more items in the Northern Territory. I found you on the id tag of one of your collars!! I love the quality of your collars and beds. I have show dogs and use all […]

Traci Walters aka “3GT”

Traci Walters aka "3GT"

ROGZ WORLD HEADQUARTERS, RSA The Test of Time Award: 10 years at ROGZ A Pioneer of stocktakes in a company that never wanted to slow down to look what we have in the pantry; The Original Miss Garnet insisting on a radical upgrade to the ROGZ ERP system from a few Excel spreadsheets and a […]

World Cup – Feel It, It Is Here!

World Cup - Feel It, It Is Here!

What a huge first half of 2010 it has been at ROGZ! Our entire ROGZ team, from NPD, Ops, Moolah, Art Department, Engine Room and Sales and Marketing, Roggers have been working round the clock to launch our new range of products for 2010! Armed with major mojo, our ROGZ team flew to Nurnberg, Germany […]

Totally Blown Away!

Hi Guys! My girls have discovered the Atom – and are totally blown away! Our first one unfortunately went over the wall to my neighbour’s yard on an unlucky throw… So now we have replaced it and are being a lot more careful. Thanks for a great game – between the house and the neighbour’s […]