Brainboosters is a winning programme!

The 12-week pilot for the Brainbooster programme has been completed in awesome fashion!

The teachers who were part of the pilot each selected a lesson from the programme to present on the 6th of September. Louise and Amy, members of our project team, attended the sessions.

They were very impressed with the teaching styles of both teachers.  Learners were engaged and showed a good understanding of the lesson. Both teachers used the material effectively and lessons were interactive.

Xolisa’s Maths lesson was about 1 hour and the topic was Money. She ensured understanding of the material by repetition and asking questions.

Learners were alert and enthusiastic. Parent packs have been sent home (including Maths games etc.) and feedback from parents has been positive and encouraging. Xolisa will continue to incorporate this material into her lessons.

Thandi’s English lesson was very energetic and encouraged participation. She is a fantastic motivator and praised the learners throughout the 45 minute lesson. She encouraged learners to ONLY speak English; unless they really didn’t understand.  Thandi speaks English fluently and used appropriate pronunciation. She also assigned team leaders from the class who assisted other learners with activities. Thandi will also continue to incorporate Brainboosters into her lessons.

Thanks to these two amazing teachers, who have taken the Brainboosters programme on with such passion!

There are five more Grade 1 teachers and we are hoping to provide product training for the other three soon. Brainboosters (a CAPS aligned tool) can then formally be used for all Grade 1 learners at Sophakama Primary School.

We hope to see all the Grade 1s on this programme in 2018!


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