ROGZ as Partner for Possibility – Creating a new future.



ROGZ is working with Partners for Possibility to help our disadvantaged children have a hope for their future.

ROGZ has the privilege of being a business partner to Sophakama Primary School – an under resourced school in our area that counts various children from the ROGZ family amongst its 1500 learners.

It has always been a passion of the ROGZ founders and management to utilize our business platform as a vehicle to have a greater impact on our community. Choosing education as one of the causes to focus on will have a long lasting and far reaching effect.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, ROGZ decided to put our weight behind a tried and tested program with proven results and joined the Partners for Possibility (PfP) program through which a business is partnered with an under resourced school. The primary objective is to build sustainable capacity within the school and therefore the initial focus is on leadership development, team build and community involvement. The school principal is paired with a business partner for a year of formal training during which much emphasis is centered around unlocking the potential within the school and community. It is exciting to see how paralysis
borne out of despair has been transformed into action, inspired by hope. Sophakama is coming alive with possibility as individuals choose to be part of the solution rather than being a victim of circumstances.

This has been a fascinating journey during which we have learnt as much as we have shared. It is evident that there are no quick fixes to the challenges that these children face, but ROGZ has made a long term commitment and we are excited about the progress to date. We are delighted at the privilege and opportunity to make a valuable difference in the futures of so many scholars and look forward
to exploring new ways to improve the lives of our children, our families and our community.

At ROGZ we see this as one more way to BE REAL!

Rogz Academy Pics