The results are in! English literacy programme soars!

Measurement of the performance of our various programmes at Sophakama Primary School is one of our project team’s strategic intentions.

As our programmes continue to grow and progress from one year to the next, we are able to start evaluating the impact that they have on learner performance and over time, on the school as a whole.

Our English Literacy Programme starts its third year since inception at the beginning of August 2017.

Each learner is assessed at the beginning of the programme and again after a year on the programme. The assessment has been formulated with the help of Amy Killingbeck, our project team member with Foundation Phase teaching experience, and it covers a variety of basic English literacy skills required at the Foundation Phase level (for English as a First Additional language).

We are thrilled that the past two years’ results speak for themselves!

The table below shows how, for both previous years, our learners have shown a 9% and then a 10% improvement. We are especially pleased with how the levels of English reading and comprehension have soared.

We look forward to seeing how this programme continues to support learners in achieving their potential. Thanks to all the volunteers and teachers who make this happen!

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