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Sandwiches for Sophakama


a Big Bay group of moms “Mothers That Care” have taken the Grade R classes at Sophakama Primary School under their wing. These moms prepare Sandwiches once a week, which are then transported to the school by the English Literacy Programme volunteers on a Thursday. The sandwich-making sessions are a social affair. In addition, approximately, 150 sandwiches […]

ROGZ Customer from Israel Contributing to the new Vegetable Garden


Eyal Mirelman and the team from Medioni in Israel supported the ROGZ Academy. We were very fortunate for Eyal to be at Sophakama to share in the festivities of the official opening of the new school. More importantly – contributed towards the Sophakama vegetable garden coaching the Sophakama team how to utilize all available spaces […]

Argus visit


Just  a quick  word   of thanx   for  your  time   to visit   us this  morning  and  your  interest    in what we  do.  As you  could  see,  we  enjoy   telling   our  story  and  we  obviously  appreciate  an opportunity   such  as this  to share  it with   a wider   public   –  especially  if it might   trigger    their interest.