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Workshop no 3 for self and team development programme! We are making progress!


Our third workshop for the Self and Team Development Programme was held on 18 August at the Rogz offices in Montague Gardens, with the whole School Management Team (SMT). The team participated in an honest and enthusiastic manner and the session was characterised by open discussions and input by all team members.  All the SMT members […]

Self and Team Development SMT feedback sessions completed!


The Self and Team Development programme continues to gain momentum. Bryan Opert, the Quantum Growth consultant, completed his last 2 feedback sessions with the School Management Team (SMT) members on 13 June 2017. The 1 hour individual sessions were based on questionnaires completed by each team member (8 SMT members in total).  Bryan used the […]

Staff self and Team development kicks off at Sophakama!


 The first workshop of the Self and Team Development Programme kicked off on Thursday, 16 February at the Rogz offices. The principal, Sabelo Makubalo, and his two deputy principals, Amos Siwayi and Mary Nel, formed part of this group. Bryan Opert from Quantum Growth, facilitated the session and the following was shared: The Lumina Learning […]