An annual highlight of the Year Beyond Programme is the Social Innovation Challenge. This year, tutors were grouped in teams outside of their school groups and the topic was: “How to make Maths FUNctional”.

The purpose of the Social Innovation Challenge is to provide an opportunity for tutors to showcase what they have learnt on the programme, using their presentation skills, teamwork, problem-solving skills and negotiating skills.

The big day arrived and 10 teams competed for prizes. Judges had a difficult task as competition was stiff.

Third prize, a “Red Bus” trip around the Peninsula, was won by a team called Me2U, which included one of Sophakama’s tutors. The audience was also asked to select their favorite team and the same team won the audience prize! Well done Anathi and team!

The second prize was won by a team called ICE (Initiating Childrens Education), who created a toolkit for learners, teachers and parents. They will enjoy an all expenses paid trip up Table Mountain, including lunch.

First prize went to The Fundamentals – a chauffeur-driven outing to watch a show, plus a four course meal. Their simple and practical concept of learning Maths by having fun and playing games like hopscotch was a winner! This idea could also be implemented immediately, as replicas had already been made using recycled material.

Judges were impressed with the effort from all the teams.

We’re hoping to see some of these ideas introduced at schools. Well done to all the tutors!


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