Our Agility Dog of The Month

I responded to an emailed Ad from the Agility community in Sedgefield, advertising a Border collie puppy, male, 12 weeks old. Apparently the resident cat in his new home booted him out. The ad went on to say that puppy’s mom & dad were working Karoo sheep dogs which, aside from his picture, thrilled me. Little did I know what challenges lay ahead…..

Dash is now 4 years old, very focused, with high drive, excitable and very fast. At age 52, the only thing we have in common is the excitability, which is not the most useful tool in a competition. One needs to be calm, confident, and exacting in your body & verbal communication.

We’ve been in training for 3 years, to master all this plus distance control, which when we get it right, is thrilling!!!  … And highly addictive.

Dash has competed in KUSA & SADAA shows for the past 18 months and has qualified 22 times with clear rounds, winning 19 of these. He is now in top grade for Jumping & non contact and has earned 1 championship certificate in each. We need 3 to become a champion. My dream is to compete with him internationally, representing my country in the world Championships.

Dash also came first in the Treibball competition, an exciting new sport where dogs need to herd 4 gym balls into a goal. The first ever Frisbee competition saw him take 2nd place. Dash also does Flyball and is on his way to becoming a champion.

Dash’s proud owner is Ansie Minnaar.

Congratulations to Dash for being our February 2011 ROGZ AGILITY DOG OF THE MONTH!

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