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Couch or no couch?


Every puppy owner has to make a big decision; will you allow your puppy, and eventually your adult dog, to sleep on the couch? Dog experts have very different opinions on the matter. Personally, when I’m speaking with clients about the couch/no couch question I ask if they want the dog on the couch at […]

Things that come meowing in the night…


Cats are nocturnal animals. Their natural rhythm is to doze much of the day then do mysterious cat things when the sun goes down. Most of us love the sight of our cat snoozing through the day, but there can be difficulties since people and cats don’t inherently share the same sleep patterns. One of the most frustrating things is a cat habitually waking […]

Home alone…


There is a common misunderstanding about puppy development I often hear from my clients: people worry their tiny puppy is too young to be left alone and want to wait until he’s older. People think that being older means a puppy will be better able to spend time by himself. The opposite is true: puppies do not […]

I thought I smelled something…


We all know that tired dogs are happy dogs. Daily physical exercise is a must, but what about stretching your dog’s mental muscles?  Have you ever thought of teaching your dog to be more clever with her nose? Scent training is a great way for you to stimulate your dogs mind. Here are two games […]

Good things come in small packages….


Little dogs are awesome. Some of the best dogs I have worked with have been small breeds: Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Jack Russell Terriers, Toy Poodles, Dachshunds , tiny mixed breeds, you name it. My little terrier cross breed is the smallest dog in the house and my best agility dog. I call him my “pocket rocket”. […]

The Eyes Have It


They say our eyes are the windows to our soul. For animals your eyes give a big clue about how you are feeling. Slowly blinking your eyes is a universal signal to animals that you are friendly; blinking means “I am relaxed right now and don’t intend to hurt you.” Ever noticed how a happy […]

What, Me, Digging?


We are talking about digging dogs today. If you missed my article about Professional Diggers vs Recreational Diggers, go back to last week and read that, before you check out some fix-it solutions. Firstly, I need to clearly emphasize that punishing a dog after he has dug a hole WILL MAKE THE PROBLEM WORSE! Your […]

Advise for Diggers (Part One)


I put dogs that dig into one of two broad categories: Professional Diggers and Recreational Diggers. This week we look at which group your dog falls into and next week I will offer help for both. Professional Diggers like to create new, undiscovered holes in your garden. While any dog can fall into this category, […]

Kitten Socializing


Yes, its true, kittens need to be socialized just like puppies do. A cat that doesn’t like new people is much less noticeable than a dog that won’t let strangers touch him, and we certainly don’t hear as much about cats biting people as we do about dogs in the news. However, a cat who […]

Puppy Socializing Secrets


Well, these are not secrets, but a list of things people often overlook when socializing a puppy. Unusual things (people or animals) that your puppy doesn’t experience while young, before puppy teeth fall out, can often spook them later as adults. Puppies will accept most new situations, this is the time to make sure your […]