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Yebo programme – Self-development (Presentation skills)


The topic for our last formal self-development session focused on presentation skills.  Yeboneers were given some tips on how to present, shared experiences and then had the opportunity to prepare and ‘practice’ what they have learnt. The team was divided into three groups and each had to present a topic:  How to ‘sell’ the Yebo […]

#Lightson campaign


This year the Yebo office launched this campaign for the first time in South Africa! During the month of October, the office called on all After School Programmes in South Africa to join and participate in the International LightsOn Afterschool campaign, to increase the awareness of the sector and its impact on learner outcomes and […]



Rogz Academy received a generous donation from Traci Walters.  This included a TV, two printers, scanner and a hard drive. Rogz arranged delivery of items to Dunoon Primary, Silverleaf and Marconi Beam.  They were delighted to receive these items and very excited to use them.  Printing worksheets and homework for learners have increased during this […]

Self Development Sessions

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Yeboneers continued with their self-development sessions starting with skills development. Each Yeboneer was given an opportunity to start sessions with an energizer.  During the session individuals had to indicate which skills they’ve mastered the last 6 months, which skills they would like to develop further and 2 new skills to be learnt.  These sessions created […]

Finale – Social Innovation Challenge

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The finale for the Social Innovation Challenge was live streamed on Facebook 18 September. Although our teams were not in the final, we supported other teams and Yeboneers were excited to see their colleagues from other schools.  Part of the festivities included performing the Jerusalema dance and providing teams within each cluster with additional prizes. […]

Training on @home resources for learners


The Yebo office provided printed resources to Gr 3 and 4 learners in order to assist with literacy and numeracy.  Yeboneers were trained to play numeracy games and to read stories in order to engage learners and to create a fun, learning environment. Yeboneers continue to provide support to educators with Covid protocols, assisting in […]



With the launch of the Social Innovation Challenge in June, Yeboneers from schools in the Dunoon cluster had many challenges.   This related mostly to teamwork, working via a digital platform and personal challenges.  Through all of this the teams always tried their best. We were very excited that Silverleaf Primary was chosen as runner-up for […]



The Yebo office, in conjunction with the education department, have developed academic resource books aimed at Grades 1-6 to distribute to schools. Silverleaf, Marconi Beam, Sophakama and Dunoon Primary each received 1000 copies of the book called Treasure Box 1, as well as masks for Yeboneers.  This book includes fun activities in both English and […]