How to choose the best type of dog leash

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There are so many different types of dog leashes out there, feeling a little bewildered is understandable! In this post, we’ll boil it down to the main points you should consider, and make it a little easier for you to find the best type of dog lead for your furry friend. Rogz pet gear is proud to be safe and trusted so we would like to offer our advice.

What to consider when selecting a dog lead

When deciding on the best type of dog lead, the first thing you need to consider is what you’re trying to accomplish. For example:

1. Your activity together

Do you want a good everyday lead for gentle strolls around the neighbourhood, or do you need something a bit sturdier for hikes and outdoor adventures?

2. Your dog’s behaviour

Is your dog already well-trained, or are there behaviours (like pulling or jerking) that you’re trying to correct?

3. Travelling

Does your dog travel with you in the car often? (In this case, we would strongly suggest one of our car safety belts as an addition to a good quality lead an addition to a good quality lead and harness.)

4. More than one dog

Would you like to be able to walk two dogs at the same time?

5. Time of outing

Do you plan to go on walks early in the morning or in the evening, when visibility is a concern? (To be extra safe, check out our cool safety light which attaches to your dog’s lead, collar, or harness!)   

In this post, we’ll give you suggestions for all of the above scenarios and walk you through some of the great dog leads available from Rogz!

What to consider when selecting a dog lead

The different types of dog leashes to choose from

Rogz UTILITY Classic Lead

Used for everyday use, the Rogz Utility Classic Lead is very durable, with highly reflective stitching for enhanced visibility and safety. If you want to instill good leash behaviour early on, and be able to steer your dog safely in high traffic zones, then this is the best leash for you.

Various lengths are available, with a waste bag and accessory holder for your convenience. Available in a variety of bright colours to suit your pup’s ever-evolving personality!

Rogz Utility Classic Lead

Rogz Utility Control Lead

Rogz Utility Control Leads are recommended for behaviour correction and training. A soft neoprene handle and shock-absorbing webbing reduces strain on you and your dog to help prevent injury.

Rogz Multi-Leads

Multi-leads are useful in two scenarios – either when you want to walk two dogs at the same time, or if your dog is a strong puller (where we recommend a lead with Stop Pull steering).In this case, the second clip fastens to the front chest attachment of your Rogz harness, so you have two points of contact with the dog and therefore better control. That makes this one of the best types of leashes for dogs that pull.

Rogz Multi Leads are available in the following ranges / materials:

Rogz Rope Quick-Fit Lead

This combination of lead and collar is a good addition to your doggie toolkit, ideal for brief trips to the vet, or for securing your dog temporarily when a visitor arrives.

Note: this combo lead and collar should only be used for daily walks with very easy non-pulling dogs who walk nicely without straining. It is always preferable to walk a dog in a harness and lead so that the entire dog’s body is controlled, and his neck is not strained.

Rogz Rope Quick Fit Lead

Rogz Utility HandsFree Lead

With its clever waistband attachment, this is a great lead for owners on the go and well behaved dogs! If you’re a keen hiker or runner, this Handsfree dog lead allows you enjoy your time outdoors with your hands free.

Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead

What’s the best type of leash for dogs that pull?

We recommend the Rogz Utility Control Multi Lead as the best type of leash for dogs that pull. This versatile lead dramatically improves control and is the perfect tool for gently correcting behaviour. When used with a harness that has a front chest lead attachment, you can easily control your dog through Stop-Pull Steering.

The Utility Control Multi Lead is fully adjustable, with short, medium, and long adjustment points. It even features a temporary post tie and a shoulder wrap-around, as well as a waste bag and accessory holder. Made with extra strong components and webbing, it has highly reflective stitching to enhance visibility and safety.

Rogz Utility Control Multi Lead

What’s the best type of leash for a puppy?

We recommend the Rogz Utility Classic Lead as the best type of leash for a puppy. With a new puppy in the house, it’s easy to get caught up in play time – but this is also the best time to start teaching good behaviour. And because control ultimately comes from the lead, leash training should begin as early as possible.

Not only does this help prevent the future pulling or jerking issues that so many pet owners experience, it also helps create a strong bond between you and your little pup!

In addition, it’s a great way to ensure you stay tethered to your dog when they’re being exposed to a new environment for the first time.

Rogz Utility Classic Lead

Thanks for reading! We hope you’ve found this post on the best types of leads for dogs helpful! Don’t forget to check out our main Dogz Page and Dog Leads Page for detailed info on each of our products, as well as guidance on picking the right size and colour pet gear. Remember, we’re always happy to offer friendly, expert advice, so please feel free to get in touch.

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