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Rogz News highlights some of our new products being launched, latest developments and stories happening at RWHQ (Rogz World Head Quarters) in Cape Town, South Africa. These are interactive documents so feel free to click on links, scan the QR codes and watch the Rogz Movies (aka Roovies) to learn more.

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Rogz Academy Intern Appointment!

Rogz Academy appointed their first intern January 2021! Samkelo Jada – Yeboneer from 2020 – she will assist with administration and a big focus will be on her personal/professional development by connecting her with a coach as well as providing her with a personal development plan. We look forward to working with her this year

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Helicopter flip “Stretch your Horizon” Award!

In December 2020, the Rogz Academy managed to send a team of deserving award recipients on a helicopter ride over the Cape Peninsula as a “Stretch your Horizon” award in honour of Ana Nelson (daughter of KONG’s John Nelson) who set the example of always stretching her horizons regardless of the tough challenges she had

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Year Beyond Academic Applications are now open!

Year Beyond Academic Applications are now open!! An incredible opportunity to join a movement of young South Africans making a big difference with young learners and gaining skills along the way to help build your own future job opportunities. Online applications only.

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Yeboneer Graduation Ceremony

3 December marked the end of Yebo programme 2020 with a graduation ceremony at The Artscape, followed by a show at the Zipzap Circus. What a year 2020 has been! Three of our Yeboneers were specifically mentioned for their commitment and dedication to the programme. Well done to the Yebo office for hosting a ceremony

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Marketplace Day

Our Yeboneers were invited to attend a Marketplace day hosted by the Yebo office – Progression department – at the Graduate School of Business, Waterfront. The newly appointed Youth Pathway Manager, Shivani Ghai did an excellent job in providing an opportunity for Yeboneers to investigate job opportunities, apply for bursaries/funding, CV writing and interviewing advice.

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