Benefits of a handsfree dog lead

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It’s walkies time! The three words every dog loves to hear. Sometimes, it’s the three words pet parents don’t want to say. We get it. It’s not that you don’t want to take your bestie out walking. It’s just that you have so much to do in so little time. If only there was a way to walk your bestie and give your kids undivided attention at the same time. If only there was a way to walk your bestie while sending that email. If only there was a way to walk your bestie while drinking that cuppa.

Enter the Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead.

Why should I use a handsfree dog lead?

The main benefit of a handsfree dog lead is that you don’t need your hands to hold it. Because of this, your hands, wrists, arms and shoulders won’t experience any strain while walking your dog. That’s not all! The Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead has many other functional benefits.


The Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead is designed with dual adjustability as both the waistband and lead length are adjustable to different lengths. You can control how far away your dog walks from your body by adjusting the lead to a length that you are comfortable with. Our handsfree dog lead allows you to adjust length between 1.5m to 2.1m.


The shock absorbing webbing eases the pull strength placed on you and your dog. This means no more aches and pains in your shoulders from pulling and tugging.


This handle makes it easy to control your dog and gives you the same function as walking your dog on lead. At any point during your walk, you can use this handle for more control. Crossing the road and navigating past other dogs is a piece of cake!


The reflective yarn that is woven into the webbing means the lead is easily visible when it is darker, making it an excellent lead for early morning or late evening walks.


The built-in accessory holder allows you to easily store your waste bags.

Enjoy a coffee while walking your dog handsfree

But what must I do with my hands?

Now that we’ve covered the functional part of the handsfree dog lead, let’s get to the real fun.  Your hands will feel lonely with nothing to hold. So, we’ve put together a list of things for you to do while on your handsfree walk.

Download your Rogz Handsfree Checklist as a daily reminder of all the things that you can do when your hands are free.

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