One Puppy at a Time Please…


It may sound cute, but getting two puppies at the same time is not a wise decision. It’s always such a heart ache when I have clients tell me they didn’t do any research before getting two puppies and if they had only known better they would never have brought both home. If you are […]

My Puppy is a Thief…


I tell my students at the beginning of puppy school, that they have already been training their puppies, whether they want to or not. Every interaction you have with your puppy teaches him something. Puppies are desperate for you to focus on them, play with them, chase them. Attention is what puppies crave and they […]

Puppies Love to Chew…


Like most behaviors, chewing habits form in puppyhood. It’s crucial that your puppy starts life chewing on the correct things. If, for example, he gets a taste for chewing garden furniture when young, it is a habit that likely to be there his whole life. Puppies need lots of suitable things to put in their mouths. Talk […]

Your dog is having as much fun as you are…


At my training school dog’s and their owners have several different activities to choose from; classic obedience, agility, flyball, and tracking classes (teaching dogs to follow a scent with their nose). Clients sometimes ask me which sort of discipline they should pursue with their dog and my answer is always the same; try what looks […]

Doggy Easter Egg Ideas…


Ok, ok, you have all heard it before – chocolate is bad for dogs. Dark chocolate is especially toxic for dogs and can be fatal. Food with any sugar is not a good choice for dogs. So keep all your sweeties away from your pooch! However, if you do want to give your dog a […]

Fetch (help!) Part Two…


Last week we discussed ways to get a dog interested in a toy in order to eventually teach them to fetch. Some dogs have opposite problem; they are very interested in chasing the toy but will not give it back to you! Read on if you have a problem with “keep away”… Dogs love to […]

Fetch (help!) Part One…


Some dogs are born fetchers – nothing makes them happier than returning your lost frisbee! However, some dogs don’t automatically see the point of chasing, picking up or giving a toy back to you. This week and next I’m offering some helpful tips for those of you who have a dog who falls into the second […]

Two or more dogs?


There are four busy dogs in my family. I have a large working dog, a medium sized herding dog, and two cross breed rescue dogs. All my dogs have different personalities, body size and sets of skills. And everyday my four dogs get individual time with me. People often raise their eyebrows when I suggest […]

Bored Cat?

BoredCat (1)

I have the coolest cat around. He spends all day sleeping in the most comfortable spot he can find, relieved when I head out with the dogs, so he can have some peace and quiet. When night time comes, however, he becomes a wild creature, alive with the possibility of cat things to do all […]