Argus visit


Just  a quick  word   of thanx   for  your  time   to visit   us this  morning  and  your  interest    in what we  do.  As you  could  see,  we  enjoy   telling   our  story  and  we  obviously  appreciate  an opportunity   such  as this  to share  it with   a wider   public   –  especially  if it might   trigger    their interest.

We were Interviewed on Smile FM


Today marks a special day ! Smile FM interviewed us and we feel fortunate to have this opportunity. Smile 90.4 FM is a bilingual radio station that offers entertainment, information and inspiration to the upper LSM Metropolitan audience of Cape Town. Irené explains his Partnership with Sabelo Makubalo the Principal of Sophakama Primary. He elaborated […]

Puppy Socializing Secrets


Well, these are not secrets, but a list of things people often overlook when socializing a puppy. Unusual things (people or animals) that your puppy doesn’t experience while young, before puppy teeth fall out, can often spook them later as adults. Puppies will accept most new situations, this is the time to make sure your […]

Starting Distance Control…


What is distance control you say?? Have you ever seen a well trained dog move from “sit” to “down” on command when their owner was far away from them? That is distance control: the ability for a dog to follow commands, change positions and do tricks without being close to his owner. I first learned […]

Put a Tag on It…


Once a week I volunteer at my local animal shelter to give training advice and behaviour help for all the various dogs who have made their way there. I always see at least one, often four or five dogs, who are in the shelter simply because they were found not wearing a tag. These dogs […]

Sleep Tight…


Who doesn’t love watching their dog sleep? I love it when my pooches are snoozing away in doggy dreamland…here are a few tips for dogs and their beds: Move your puppy’s bed around occasionally. Teach your pup to be flexible about where he sleeps. By moving his bed to different areas of your house your […]

If the Collar Fits…


There are lots of fabulous collar options for dogs. Personally, I like to make sure my dog’s collars give some indication of their gender. It’s amazing how many people assume big tough dogs, like Rottweilers, are male and small little Pomeranian type pooches are female. A pink collar will go a long way to let people know […]

Puppyhood – Help!


Continuing on our theme of new pups here are more of my favorite tips for puppy training… Brush you puppy while she is sleeping and you are watching tv.  When your pup is calm or sleeping is the best time to teach her to accept a brush and enjoy the sensation of being groomed. If […]

But I already Have Two Puppies…


Last week I explained why raising two puppies at the same time is generally not a good idea. However, if you have two puppies you’ve already brought home don’t loose hope! Read on for my suggestions for raising two happy, well balanced individuals. Firstly – Socialize the puppies separately from each other. In order to […]