Run Rover Run…


Some tips for running with dogs! Dogs need to get in shape just like people do. I’ve known several well-meaning runners, who offered to take a friend’s somewhat out of shape dog, out for a run who was not able to keep up! If you can run 15 km’s, don’t assume your neighbor’s hyper but […]

Size Does Matter…


If you are considering a canine companion for your dog, consider how well matched the dogs will be physically. Will they be more or less the same size? A good pair and able to keep up with each other? Imagine how frustrating it is for a Rottweiler puppy to try to grow up with a […]

Guess Who Turns 91?

Guess Who Turns 91?

One of our Rogz Dogz has just turned a grand 13 years old (that’s 91 years old in human years) and here’s what her owner, Rogger Traci Walters aka 3GT had to say to her beloved companion: (more…)