Two or more dogs?


There are four busy dogs in my family. I have a large working dog, a medium sized herding dog, and two cross breed rescue dogs. All my dogs have different personalities, body size and sets of skills. And everyday my four dogs get individual time with me. People often raise their eyebrows when I suggest […]

Bored Cat?

BoredCat (1)

I have the coolest cat around. He spends all day sleeping in the most comfortable spot he can find, relieved when I head out with the dogs, so he can have some peace and quiet. When night time comes, however, he becomes a wild creature, alive with the possibility of cat things to do all […]

Run Rover Run…


Some tips for running with dogs! Dogs need to get in shape just like people do. I’ve known several well-meaning runners, who offered to take a friend’s somewhat out of shape dog, out for a run who was not able to keep up! If you can run 15 km’s, don’t assume your neighbor’s hyper but […]

Size Does Matter…


If you are considering a canine companion for your dog, consider how well matched the dogs will be physically. Will they be more or less the same size? A good pair and able to keep up with each other? Imagine how frustrating it is for a Rottweiler puppy to try to grow up with a […]