Dear Rogz Team, Well, to start off with, dabone is the best toy for my little Dachshund. I bought it for him a year and a half ago. I went into our local vet yesterday, to buy another one because he chews this bone in half. The ladies at the vet couldn’t believe it. Yes, […]

Great Product

Hi Guys, Thought you’d like to know that this is the only teddy that lasted the longest and received the most attention too. Great product! Thanks, and well done. Kind regards, Juanita  South Africa

Paul-Peter Tijssen aka “EuroHub Rogger”

Paul-Peter Tijssen aka "EuroHub Rogger"

TIJSSEN, NETHERLANDS In late 2000 Paul-Peter Tijssen, discovered the ROGZ brand by accident. He recognized the potential and quickly set about securing the exclusive rights to the Dutch market. He also spearheaded the company’s efforts to become the European Distribution Hub in 2006. He lives with his wife Astrid, his 19 yr old son Mathjis […]

I Like Your Humour

Hey ROGZ! What a big, refreshing laugh! I’ve got a new breake-away clip and a string for my dog. And guess what. She started to wag!! SURPRISE! And it is absolutely uncontrolable. Maby it is because she knows what is going on…….. or mabe it’s because of the new items?!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s funny anyway. I really […]

Jürg Fuhrer aka “Iceman”

Jürg Fuhrer aka "Iceman"

Managing Director, BusinessCom, SWITZERLAND Iceman. The name says it all! This Uber-cool Swiss army knife impersonator has been a Rogger for nearly 9 years! Jürg and the BusinessCom Team run their ROGZ distribution network in Switzerland. He also oversees Germany and Austria where the Wolters Team handle the active distribution. He is also part of […]

What a Fun Company!

What a fun company! Just bought a harness for my miniature sausage dog near Sydney Australia. My little guy loves it – it must be comfy as he hasn’t complained once (he’s never been able to wear harnesses before). And boy does he look snazzy. Worth the expensive price (although I have to say, most […]

I Love My Molecule

I recently bought my friend’s Border Terrier (Jamari) one of your Molecule balls. It is a hard rubber with flowers imprinted on it. He loves his ball and takes it everywhere. It is the only ball he cannot destroy. The only problem is that I want more and cannot seem to find them anywhere. Please […]


WOW!!! That basically sums it up! Since we discovered your products, our whole family is not pleased with any product if it doesn’t say ROGZ! Raffles (15year old staffie-daschund hound), Bruno (4year old staffie-russell) and Lilla (5 month old miniature daschund hound-russle) all have their own little piece of heaven from ROGZ. Bruno and Lilla […]

Melanie Hurter aka “UltraMel”

Melanie Hurter aka "UltraMel"

Europe Sales Co-ordinator, RWHQ, SOUTH AFRICA You can either speak to the man who thinks he’s in charge, or the lady who knows what’s going on! Mel has been BIG Johnny Jetlags right hand woman for over two years. In this short space of time she has become an invaluable member of the ROGZ Team […]

Your Collars are Absolutely Adorable!

Your Collars are Absolutely Adorable!

Your collars are absolutely adorable! The designs are bright and original. I just love them! I particularly like that you have plenty of designs for male dogs. I raise puppies for The Seeing Eye (guide dog school) and our family has just welcomed our 6th puppy. I recently purchased one of your collars for him […]