Your Collars are Absolutely Adorable!

Your Collars are Absolutely Adorable!

Your collars are absolutely adorable! The designs are bright and original. I just love them! I particularly like that you have plenty of designs for male dogs. I raise puppies for The Seeing Eye (guide dog school) and our family has just welcomed our 6th puppy. I recently purchased one of your collars for him […]

Fabian Fabbro aka “Agent F”

Fabian Fabbro aka "Agent F"

Co-owner, Time Pet Products, AUSTRALIA He plays hard. But he works harder. Fabian, with Hein Westenraad, owns TIME PET PRODUCTS in AUSTRALIA. Fabian’s Italian genes have given him a love of cooking that is only surpassed by his love for paragliding which he enjoys in the lovely Brisbane weather where he lives. Never one to […]

VERY Comfortable

My husband and I have two pitbulls and the only way they go for walks without pulling themselves red is with your harnesses. With their structure/build you have made my otherwise tough to fit dogs VERY comfortable. And that makes us “owners” very comfortable too! We will never buy any other brands for them. Barbara […]

Very cool, Very Refreshing!

Dear Rogz, Congrats on a fantastic product and awesome website. I was involved in the pet trade some 12 years ago as specialist pet trade manager for Friskies / Lopis at their head office in JHB. I left them to start a pet shop franchise, with the objective of upgrading the pet industry. I left […]

Janet Mendes aka “Jolly”

Janet Mendes aka "Jolly"

Local Sales Administrator, RWHQ, SOUTH AFRICA An animal lover her whole life and a Rogger for 6 years, Jolly is an institution at the Local Sales Department. With a lovely dry sense of humour, she never skips a beat whilst making sure that our ROGZ Brand is spread and administered professionally. Favourite sayings: Service Excellence […]

Thanks For Everything

Dear Rogz I’ve never encountered a company so cheerfully determined to make sure the customer leaves happy! You folks are brilliant! Echo and I enjoyed a very nice, squishy game of catch the R.F.O. last night. The tricky bit is to get him to bring it back without a five minute interlude in which he […]

Alvin Kurash

Alvin Kurash

National Pet Manager, KANE PET SUPPLIES, CANADA Sir Alvin likes to play but he likes to work even more, and his successful distribution of ROGZ in Canada is testimony to this. A proud ROGZ Groupie, he and his Canadian team spread mojo in every corner of Canada and beyond. Here’s to 2009 being his most […]

A True South African

What a wonderful surprise to find a South African product in the middle of nowhere in Belgium… ! We’ve spent 11 great years in Johannesburg (Morningside) and we very sadly left in August 2001 to land in Ivory Coast. From one extreme to another, that is to say in Africa, where we all were born, […]

My Favourite Toy

Hi There, I have a Jack Russell who only likes soft stuffed animals with squeakies in them. She usually rips out the squeaky in 30 seconds and within 14 days the toy is completely demolished. BUT she has had one of the surfer dudes for over 9 months now. The eyes and the surf board […]

Eureka Le Roux aka “Kleintjie”

Eureka Le Roux aka "Kleintjie"

Assistant to Directors, HR and Marketing Departments at RWHQ, SOUTH AFRICA They say dynamite comes in small packages – it’s true! Our Kleintjie is always on the lookout for a way to spread mojo. She has been involved in many uplifting ROGZ campaigns and is the right arm to the Directors. We love her for […]