rogz supporting yearbeyond graduates!

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Unemployment in South Africa in 2022 is now at 36% which is about 14.3 million people without jobs! Rogz pet gear and Rogz Academy are striving to be a part of the solution by employing Rushana Avontuur, Sibongile Xwayi, Busang Komane, Samkele Jada, and Asiphe Sicatsha ,all graduates from the Western Cape YearBeyond programme.

What is the YearBeyond programme?

YearBeyond, or YeBo, is a Youth Service partnership between the Western Cape Government, the Community Chest of the Western Cape, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and numerous NGOs. It aims to provide 18 to 25 year-olds with a meaningful work experience and a pathway to further studies or work while at the same time encouraging a culture of active citizenship and volunteerism. Callie Lewis and Louise Retief, Rogz Academy Programme Managers, run this wonderful programme for the Dunoon area near Rogz Headquarters in Cape Town.

Rogz pet gear and Rogz Academy employ YeBo graduates

Rushana and Sibongile have been permanently employed by Rogz pet gear since last year February in the Quality Control department. They have grown exponentially over the last year and expanded their skillset to such an extent that they are teaching other staff members about quality issues. Busang has been employed by Rogz pet gear from this year to help with Export Orders. Samkele was the Rogz Academy Intern for 2021, and is continuing for another 6 months,and Asiphe has been selected to be the Rogz Academy Intern for 2022. This will provide them all with valuable work experience for future job hunting, adding to the list of skills gained on the YeBo programme.

YeBo programme helps Rogz Academy intern, Asiphe

Asiphe was selected to be one of 32 YeBoneers with Rogz Academy at the beginning of 2021. She attended all the Self Development sessions, and learnt how to tutor numeracy and literacy to Grade 3 and 4s at local under-resourced schools, by Callie and Louise, as well as receiving mentorship from them.

Asiphe, Rogz Academy Intern 2022

A win-win situation for YeBoneers and learners

In South Africa, all learners in Government schools are expected to change from their home language to English only, from Grade 3. This changeover is very stressful and difficult for the learners and with the class sizes being so big in under-resourced government schools in South Africa, the teachers find it extremely helpful to have assistance.  Asiphe and the YeBoneeers learnt how to tutor and help these learners who are struggling to learn literacy and numeracy in a different language. At the same time, the experience of tutoring helped all of the YeBoneers to be active citizens through doing meaningful work and helping their communities.

YeBo Self Development sessions invaluable

Every Friday, the Rogz Academy YeBoneers attended Self Development sessions run by Callie and Louise who would also regularly secure external professionals to add valuable insight. Asiphe learnt about Self Love, Breaking Beliefs, Resilience, and many other valuable inspiring sessions to help her gain confidence.

Rogz Academy Intern duties for Asiphe

Asiphe will assist in the interviewing and selecting of 2022 YeBo candidates which will set a tone of being involved in a team. There will be data capturing of new candidates, learning new tools under the mentorship of Samkelo (2021 Rogz Academy Intern) and Callie and Louise. She will also learn accountability, resilience, empathy and goal-setting.

We wish Rushana Avontuur, Sibongile Xwayi, Busang Komane, Samkele Jada, and Asiphe Sicatsha strength, resilience, fortitude and a bit of fun, as they start their working careers at Rogz pet gear and Rogz Academy – the award-winning world’s coolest pet gear, and its non-profit organisation! Making a difference to pets and people!

Above: Samkela, Rogz Academy Intern 2021/22 and Busang, Export Order assistant at Rogz pet gear
Above: Rushana, QC assistant at Rogz pet gear and Sibongile, QC assistant at Rogz pet gear

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