Understanding when to leash up or let loose

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Let’s face it, we all love to see our fur babies have the best time. So, when we head out into parks, mountains, forests, or beaches, we love to unclip and let our dogs loose. 

It can be pretty tough to accept that not everyone will welcome your bestie into their space with the same enthusiasm and love as you would.  The proverbial call of ‘don’t worry, he’s friendly’, has left many a pet parent (or hiker, runner, or cyclist) with a sense of fear and dread. 

Everyone should be able to enjoy their outing in a peaceful and calm environment, even if that means leashing up your beloved companion for a few minutes. Here are some points to remember the next time you take your fur baby out for a walk.

Choose your setting

If you want to avoid the hassle of leashing up your fur child every now and then on your walk, consider going to a dog park. Odds are you are going to come across fur babies who are very sociable, and other pet parents who don’t mind being bombarded by your loveable loaf.

Read the room

When you see a fellow pet parent approaching and their dog is on lead, or they quickly leash up when they see you, it is probably for a reason. Understand that not all fur babies are the same – some may still be in training, some may have just been adopted, or some are just more reactive by  nature. Give them the space they need to enjoy their adventure too. If you see a hiker, runner or cyclist, leash up for a few minutes. As hard as it is to  believe,  not everyone loves dogs. If you are walking in an environment that is home to wild animals and birds, be on the lookout. Your dog should be under control around them at all times.

Be ready to clip

No matter where you decide to take your fur child, make sure you have the proper equipment for the occasion. Whether it’s an adventure in the mountains, a casual stroll on the beach, or a walk back to the car from the dog park, make sure you have the right dog harness and dog lead ready to ensure a smooth outing for everybody.

Rogz pet gear is proud to be a Safe and Trusted pet brand. We have you covered with all you need. We have a full range of Dogs Leads and Dogs Harnesses for every adventure.

We’re here to help!

Not sure which harness to get for your dog? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist with expert advice on correct harness size and more.

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