1st year of Books and Beyond award ceremony

Yes – what can I say !!!?

Today was certainly a moment that will be remembered by the 30 young lives that have been touched forever by your kindness and commitment …a (Custom)

Congratulations to all of you on celebrating the first year of Books and Beyond.

It was a real privilege to hear a few of them read with so much enthusiasm and to see your team and the kids celebrating this milestone together…b (Custom)

I was pleasantly surprised and delighted at the number of parents in attendance.I see this as a huge step forward in our journey to improve parental involvement at Sophakama.

c (Custom)

Special thanx  to Sabelo and the teachers from Sophakama as well as the team from the WCED for their supporting role in making this possible.

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Finally a big salute from my side to the team of amazing moms who show up twice a week, every week, to give of yourselves and share some kindness.

You are my hero’s !!!! e (Custom)

It is impossible for me to estimate the scale of the impact that you are making ?

What I do know is that the trajectory of 30 lives have already been altered and we cannot begin to think of the future consequences that may unfold as a result of this.

What I also know is that the next 12 months are likely to see an even larger group of kids benefit from this program. And so on and so on …

But that is certainly not all – I am aware that your example is serving as inspiration to others ; igniting their passion and energy to either join in this momentum or apply themselves in other ways to make a difference. That is where the real power of multiplication comes in !!!

So please never underestimate the far-reaching effect that you are having. I thank you for your willingness to trail blaze where no one had gone before,

  • for your “can do” attitude to make a plan where none exists,
  • perseverance to see through what you have started and deliver on the hope that you have created,
  • your commitment to developing the sustainable capacity for the long term.

I am looking forward to our continued journey ahead !!!!

Warm regards, Irené


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