Books & Beyond Literacy Program

IMG_3297The team of Elkanah moms have been very busy. They have done a lot of homework to research the best way to tackle such a daunting challenge as this literacy program.

They have selected a proven program called Shine and have already completed their training. They have also already recruited a team of 12 volunteers that will commence with one on one paired reading soon. The initial focus will be for grade 2 and will be specifically in English. Over and above the paired reading, they are also setting up a fun reading program which will be rolled out to all grades and which  will encompass Xhosa and English. This will be launched on 04 March 2015 to coincide with World Read Aloud day.

The few sentences above are quite simplistic to type, but certainly does not do justice to the amount of work that they have done to get this far. It is so awesome to see their desire to make a difference. It is evident that reading skills are one of the most urgent and important issues that we need to tackle at Sophakama so it is great to see how well this fits with what their passions are. I am delighted to see the experience, skills and energy that they bring to this challenge. Thanx also to Sabelo and the team of teachers that have volunteered to be part of this project.

Irené Raubenheimer



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