Brushing Your Dog’s/Cat’s Teeth

Just like in humans, dogs and cats are at risk of getting dental disease, particularly periodontal disease if their teeth and gums are not kept clean.  Correct chew treats, toys and the correct crunchy diet (dry food and a daily apple if they’ll eat it) can help prevent dental disease.  But most important is the daily brushing of your pet’s teeth.


  1. A soft-bristled toothbrush
  2. Dog/Cat Toothpaste

*** Please consult your veterinarian on the correct toothbrush and toothpaste for your pet first!

Use a soft-bristled tooth brush and dog/cat tooth paste (your veterinarian will be able to recommend which ones) to brush your dog’s/cat’s teeth with.  Do NOT use human toothpaste or baking soda as these may cause problems for your dog or cat!

Make sure you pick a certain time during the day to brush your pet’s teeth.  Again, it is very important to establish a routine so please try to stick to the same time each day for this occasion.

To begin with, give your dog/cat a small taste of the toothpaste (many dog/cat toothpastes have different flavours which dogs/cats will really like).  Then take some toothpaste on your finger and run it along the gums and upper teeth.

Now you can put some toothpaste on the toothbrush and run it along the upper teeth.  Move the toothbrush along the gum line of the upper back teeth and angle it slightly up so that the bristles of the toothbrush get under the gum line.  Be very gentle as the gums are sensitive and you don’t want to hurt your pet.  Brush from front to back and make small circles along the gum lines, moving the brush gently.

You may not be able to brush all your pet’s teeth the first few times but the most important part is too brush the front of the upper teeth.  If your pet is one that never lets you brush all their teeth, then it will be necessary to take them to your veterinarian for professional cleaning.  Ask your vet how often this will need to be done.

Article By: Rogz Reporter, Delaney Carpenter

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  1. ChalaetDecember 21, 2014 at 11:23 pm #

    I must say that your dog’s dental hygiene is very important, especially if your dog drools alot lol. I usually just give my dog’s teeth a good brushing twice per day, or after meals if I can. I don’t use my toothbrush btw lol, I have my own doggy toothbrush. It has dual ends so I can use the big end on his larger teeth and the small end for his smaller teeth. His oral hygiene really improved when I started using it. Check out this nifty dog toothbrush on Amazon

  2. PaulDecember 17, 2015 at 2:46 pm #

    Hi, Glad to see you mentioning the need to brush dogs teeth as it is often overlooked by owners.

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