Captain Chaos meets our Sophakama YEBO volunteers

This week our Sophakama Year Beyond volunteers had the privilege of meeting Captain Chaos, (aka Irené Raubenheimer, co-founder of Rogz).

They were invited to “the fish tank” board room at Rogz to hear tips on good presentation techniques. The scene was set, a funky music vibe was heard and then … in burst Super Hero Captain Chaos.

With great energy, enthusiasm and warmth, he embraced both the Sophakama Primary School and Inkwenkwesi High School’s volunteers.

The tips he gave this hard-working group of volunteers were brilliant; considering your audience, preparation and creativity being among the most important.

The volunteers also received Grinz key rings and wrist bands for good luck, from Captain Chaos and his sidekick, Yoli.

This effort is to help them all with their Social Innovation challenges set for June, September and November this year.

During question time, Xoliswa, a Sophakama volunteer, broached the subject of stage fright.

After giving some advice, Captain Chaos and Yoli whisked us off to his factory floor room and the volunteers were asked to introduce themselves to a room full of working staff, including many who come from the Dunoon community.
The volunteers were initially shy, but with enthusiasm from all, spoke beautifully. They were rewarded with a traditional isiXhosa song from the staff. Everyone was in high spirits and beaming from ear to ear when we left.

Thank you, Captain Chaos!


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