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Protect Your Pet This Guy Fawkes!


One of the most stressful days of the year for animals is almost upon us – Guy Fawkes, the 5th of November…which means fireworks. Ask any animal welfare organization what their busiest time is and they will tell you the days following Guy Fawkes and New Years Eve. The fireworks let off during these holidays […]

Make the most of meal time..


Treats are wonderful, they both motivate and communicate with our canine friends and when used correctly, are a wonderful tool to help teach. One of my best practical tips for people with puppies is to use their normal meals as a chance to train their pup. Why just give the food for free and waste […]

Crate training continued…


If you are going to fly your adult dog in an airplane for the first time or would like to crate train him for some other reason here are some suggestions about how to start. Next time I will discuss crate training young pups, which is slightly different than adults. Teaching an adult dog to relax […]