Catz Features & Benefits

Break Away Safety Buckle
Safeloc buckle is designed to break open if your cat’s collar gets snagged.

Variable Load Safeloc Buckle
Able to easily adjust the break away load of the buckle. You can increase the buckle’s holding strength. Can still break free if placed under too much strain.

Reflective Materials
Maximum visibility to increase the safety of any night exploring cat.

Glow in the Dark
Glow materials will entertain you and allow you to follow the movements of your cat in total darkness.

Safety Elastic
Buckle-free collars are fitted with built-in elastics to ensure your cat maintains an escape option.

One Collar for all Sizes
Buckle-free collars are made from special non-fraying materials. Custom fit to any cat’s neck.

Pin Buckle
Pin buckle collars are an alternative option to the Safeloc Buckle.