Our Year Beyond Programme (YEBO) tutors celebrated their 2019 group of learners at a year-end Certificate Ceremony at Sophakama Primary School. This was also the tutors’ last day at the school, so it was a touching occasion for everyone.

YEBO learners from Grades 1–4 were invited to join the ceremony, as well as the educators involved with the learners and the Click assistants, who have supported the tutors for these last two terms. Tutors were asked to manage this event, which included preparing a budget, inviting guests and compiling an agenda. They also prepared small snack packs for learners.

Our tutor, Tameryn, and Zandile (Vice Principal) welcomed everyone and shared their messages of encouragement. Grade 1’s received their certificates and learners entertained guests with songs. Then Grades 2–4 learners received their certificates. Some learners read out (in English) their experiences of the programme and what the tutors meant to them. The tutors ended off by sharing their experience of the year and what they had learned.

An emotional day enjoyed by everyone and a highlight on the calendar for YEBO learners!

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