Coding for Kids at Sophakama

Recently, one of our Year Beyond Programme tutors was given the opportunity to learn coding, as part of the YEBO programme. This activity was introduced to the Grade 4 learners (on the YEBO Programme) at the start of Term 2, as part of the Friday afternoon clubs and societies’ activities.

Coding is a fun learning activity and a fantastic way to teach learners how to better understand the world around them. It improves creativity, problem-solving, logical thinking and instils perseverance. Sophakama Primary School is an ideal school at which to introduce this skill, with a well-equipped computer lab holding almost 40 computers!

Other clubs and societies’ activities include art (drawing, painting etc), active playtime (netball, soccer, skipping) and educational games. Tutors use these activities to engage with their Grade 1–4 learners in informal and fun ways.

What an exciting new initiative!

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