Elkanah House and Sophakama: Bridging communities!

Friendships were forged during the recent visit of Sophakama Grade 2s to Elkanah House (Blouberg)! The children got along so well that one of them asked for the chance to write to the friend they had made. And this week, our PENPAL PROJECT was born!

Besides this being an opportunity to build relationships between the children of the two schools, we are hoping that it will give all the learners an opportunity to stay in touch and to practise their English and isiXhosa by writing letters to one another. The project will continue as this year’s learners progress to higher grades and as a new group meets each year at the Grade 2 visit.

The first sets of letters between this year’s two groups have already been exchanged and we look forward to seeing this project grow!

Our thanks to everyone for supporting this idea, particularly to both Zine (isiXhosa teacher from Elkanah) and to Bridgette (Grade 2 teacher from Sophakama) for volunteering to lead this lovely initiative. Well done to Elkanah House for building relationships within our local communities.

Read about the 2017 visit here and the 2018 visit here

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