English Literacy programme’s third year begins!

It’s very inspiring when we start a new year of the English Literacy Programme!

We have just begun our THIRD year of the programme. Learners are enthusiastic, eager to learn and to show off what they can do and it’s wonderful for volunteers to get to know more learners in the school and to continue making a difference in more children’s lives. There are 30 learners on the programme this year.

Our English Literacy Programme runs from June of one year (when learners are in Grade 2), to June of the next year (when learners are in Grade 3). Learners have a one hour session twice a week during that year. Learners are assessed at the beginning of the programme and will be assessed again at the end of the programme.

These first few weeks are always fun. Learners queue up outside the hall, where sessions are held, with shining eyes, shy smiles and quiet voices, ready for English reading, writing and comprehension. The best part of the sessions are the fun language games that we play together. There’s an initial period of us all getting to know one another and of volunteers assessing learner levels of reading and ability.

As the year progresses, teachers notice how learners’ English improves and how they become more confident during English lessons in the classroom. Volunteers notice how learners’ English voices become more confident and sessions become more lively. This success motivates us to continue and we are sure that this group will show the same improvements as our previous groups.

We recently celebrated our second year group’s Certificate Ceremony – Read more about that here:

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering on this programme.



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