Final 2016 social innovation challenge for Year Beyond volunteers

After more than a few hours of practising, our six Year Beyond young volunteers felt ready to present their ideas for solutions to the education crisis in South Africa.


Three of the volunteers from Sophakama Primary School and three from Inkwenkwezi High School in Dunoon presented on the topic: How can we create an environment where children want to come and learn and enjoy learning?


The issue of engaging learners in a culture of learning is difficult, especially when the community is caught in a struggle of extreme poverty. As poverty makes learners feel more and more helpless, they seek ways of becoming popular, noticed and more relevant.

The innovative idea from our Year Beyond volunteers was to use music as a tool to capture the attention of learners. Learners are often attracted to music trends and aspire to artists and their lives. The volunteers argued that they can tempt learners to attend homework centres by using music trends and songs as a positive tool to encourage learning and enthuse learners.

The event was held near Cape Town and ours was one of eleven teams from impoverished environments who presented, including others from Khayelitsha, Gugulethu and Manenberg.

The presentations were judged by a varied group of judges ranging from leaders in the corporate sector to academics and the Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais.

It was impressive to see how much our young volunteers have grown and how far they have come in their thinking and presentation skills. Well Done All!



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