How To – Fit a ROGZ Harness

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How do I measure my dog for a collar and harness?
When measuring your dog for a collar, measure the circumference of the dog’s neck and be sure to place two fingers between the dog and the measuring tape you use.

When measuring your dog for a harness, measure the girth around the dog’s
body behind the two front legs. Add two inches or five centimeters to the
measurement. Both the collar and harness should fit snugly but not too tightly.

How do I put the Step-in Harness on my dog?
Have your dog step into the harness and then bring the harness over the shoulders so that the buckle clips on the shoulders on the dog’s back. You should have the two back pieces coming up from under the dog and directly behind the dog’s two front legs. The two front pieces should come from the dog’s chest over his shoulder blades to his back where the buckle is clipped. The center piece should run from behind the legs up the front of the chest.


How do I put the H-Harness on my dog?
If this harness is a first time for you and your dog, try to ensure that this is as positive as possible. We would suggest some treats are available on first placement to reward and help distract the process.

Before you place the harness on, ensure that the straight webbing connecting the 2 circular webbing rings without the adjuster is on top and parallel with the dog. Ensure that the lead ring on this straight webbing is facing back towards her tail. (When placed correctly, this will sit behind her shoulders/thorax). Undo the plastic clasp on the back circular webbing ring. Make equal adjustments to the front circular webbing ring so that this circular ring slips comfortably over the dog’s head. (You should be able to get 2 finger widths between the neck and the neck webbing). Lift the RHS foreleg over the under webbing and into the harness. Reach under the dog and pull through the open clasped end of the rear circular ring. Make adjustments to this webbing until the two halves of the clasp will close together comfortably.

HowToHarness3We hope this was helpful. Please share and if you have any questions or would like us to feature other products “How To” then comment on our blog below.


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8 thoughts on “How To – Fit a ROGZ Harness”

  1. Hello I have recently purchased a Rogz break away buckle reflective and I am having trouble removing it from my cats neck. Is there a easier way to remove it without using soo much force?

    1. Hi Lesleu

      We are sorry you find these instructions on the blog post confusing. Please watch the instructional video for both the H-harness and step-in Harness, this should give you a more detailed instructional process. If it is still unclear pls contact your local ROGZ distributor for one on one assistance.

  2. Sometimes people do care for such features that are clearly stated on the product page or the packing, but they forget to compare them with other options that are out there. Also, not everyone is well aware of the fact that there is a huge variety of features that can be availed and there should be no compromise in selecting a quality harness, because your dog’s safety depends upon its structure and material.

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