Fun new games and books for the Morning Literacy programme

Look at the fun games and great new books that learners on the morning English Literacy programme will be using soon, thanks to recent donations!

The literacy programme follows a specific methodology which includes paired and shared reading, writing and the use of games to develop learners’ English skills and consolidate English comprehension.

Paired readers like these are part of the most important part of the session.

The end goal is that learners are able to read these books by themselves; and understand what they are reading. Shared readers are books that are used to read stories to the learners.

Games are rotated regularly to ensure that learners do not get too familiar with them or bored, so the more we have, the better.

We rely heavily on donations to keep these resources stimulating.

Thanks to everyone who helps us achieve this!


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  1. Amit PatelMay 1, 2017 at 11:39 am #

    Indeed a great post about fun new games..Thanks for sharing with us..interesting and well done.!!!!!!!!!!

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