Grade 3 learners start final term of Literacy programme

Volunteers on the morning English Literacy programme are excited to start their final term with their Grade 3 learners.

Learners have been on the programme since July 2016, having started in their Grade 2 year. This has given them a full school year’s worth of extra English twice a week.

This term, they will be assessed on the same assessment they were given at the start of the programme. We are sure that we will see an improvement!

All learners receive a certificate at the end of the programme during the Certificate Ceremony. This is a heart warming event, where parents, among others, are invited to watch their children be acknowledged for their commitment to improving their English skills.

New literacy games have recently been purchased. As an inspiring start to the term, volunteers were given a training session today by our volunteer games experts, Shirleen and Amy.

They showed us how to use the games and resources we have in the most effective ways, incorporating various aspects of our methodology at the same time.

We are all rearing to go! This is set to be a busy term!


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