Graduation Ceremony for 2017 Year Beyond Programme filled with smiles and tears!

The 2017 Year Beyond Programme Graduation Ceremony at Sophakama Primary School was a wonderful occasion.

Shared with 99 learners, parents, teachers and our 6 superb volunteers, the ceremony on Thursday, 9 November, was a bittersweet event.

Prayers and songs of thanks and joy were heard. Our learners read out loud and proud from their Shine readers. Each learner received a certificate for their hard work from the Western Cape Premier’s office. They also all received books, photographs and, best of all, party packs containing a treasure of delicious eats.

However, it’s also the occasion when our young volunteers say farewell to their learners and the school. They shed a few tears saying goodbye to their individual learners. These young people will move on to pursue careers and tertiary education, after a year of development and learning on the programme.

Sophakama has benefited enormously from their care and commitment. We thank you, we thank you, and we thank you.


Click below to see a quick snipped of one of the learners reading a book:



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