How to Groom Your Dog

Every pet owner should know that it is essential to keep your pet healthy, clean and well-looked after. Grooming is an integral part in this and it is vital that a person knows how to properly care for their pet pal.  Keeping your pets clean will make certain they are protected from a large number of disease-causing germs, bacteria and micro-organisms, ensuring their health.


  1. Dog Shampoo
  2. Hair Dryer
  3. Clippers (Heavy-duty or professional clippers designed specifically for dogs.  Do NOT use human hair clippers)
  4. Scissors
  5. Dog Brush
  6. Dog Nail Clippers


Remove tangles and knots from your dog’s coat by brushing it thoroughly using the Dog Brush.


Bath your dog with the Dog Shampoo in warm water in a tub or your bath tub.  Avoid getting the shampoo in your dog’s eyes.  Rinse your dog off thoroughly ensuring all shampoo is out of their fur.  Squeeze all excess water out of their fur, including their ears, legs and tail.  Towel-dry your dog and don’t forget to dry inside their ears.


Brush your dog’s coat again with the Dog Brush and dry your dog’s coat with the Hair Dryer.  Please ensure that your dog’s coat is completely dry.


Let your dog stand on a rubber mat or a non-slip surface so that they can stand comfortably and ensure you have good lighting to work in.

Set your Dog Hair Clippers with the correct attachment for the length you would like to clip your dog’s hair to, i.e. short, medium or long.  Remember to run the clippers with the hair grain, i.e. in the direction the hair grows.

Start on the dog’s back and slowly and cautiously clip the fur down the back of your dog, starting from the neck and ending down at the tail.  Leave the tail for later.  Try to “glide” the clippers along the hair so as to avoid stabbing your pet with them and remember to follow the curves of your dog’s body.

Then clip the fur on your dog’s sides, starting from the top and moving the clippers downward, still in that gliding movement and still following your dog’s curves.

Gently and cautiously clip the fur on your dog’s neck and chest, following the natural contours of your dog’s body and gliding the clippers from under the chin, down the neck and onto the chest.

Carefully trim the fur on your dog’s face.

Use the scissors to neaten the fur about your dog’s eyes and ears.  Be extra careful in these areas.  Lift your dog’s ears up and hold them out sideways or upwards away from the head and face while you trim around them.  Also use the scissors to neaten the fur around your dog’s mouth.

Now you can move to your dog’s tail and, like with the ears, hold the tail out straight and away from the body with one hand while clipping the fur with the other.  Clip the top first, then the sides and finally the bottom and be very careful not to cut the tail!

Use the scissors again to trim around your dog’s behind and the back of their back legs.

While you can possibly cut your dog’s tummy hair while they are standing, it is most definitely better for both of you if your dog is lying down on their back.  Use one hand to cover your dog’s nipples while you clip the fur around each one on your dog’s tummy.


Hold each paw up one at a time and snip only a small bit off of the nail at a time.  Don’t just rush in and cut as far in as you think you need to.  You have to be extremely careful not to cut into the “quick” as this will make your dog’s nail bleed.  Only ever remove the translucent part of the nail below the fine, dark line on your dog’s nail if your dog’s nails are white as the “quick” starts straight behind this.   Never, ever, ever cut above this fine, dark line!  If your dog has black nails, you probably won’t be able to see this line so will need to be extra careful and keep checking under the nail to see where the “fleshy” bit or “quick” starts on the nail.  Please consult your veterinarian before trimming your dog’s nails as to how short you should clip them.  Your veterinarian may even be able to mark your dog’s nails for you beforehand.

Remember that grooming your dog requires patience and it is highly recommended that you talk to your veterinarian about how short you should cut your dog’s hair, nails, etc. and what shampoo and dog brushes and dog hair clippers would be best.  You can even read some books and articles on proper grooming etiquette to help you. Remember to establish a routine for grooming your dog as they are also creatures of habit and will soon be able to tell when it’s their pampering day. Like everything, it will take patience and practice.

Article by: Rogz Reporter, Delaney Carpenter


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    Awesome article thanks Delaney. Hopefully now my mutt will start looking a little smarter! By the way, does ROGZ make any grooming tools? Where can I buy them.

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