Introducing Rogz Books and Beyond

We are a group of moms who have a passion for education, especially books and reading. We heard about the Partners for Possibility Programme, a creative solution to South Africa’s education crisis, and we wanted to get involved! Partners for Possibility put us in touch with Irene Raubenheimer from Rogz Academy. They are the business partner to the principal, Sabelo Makubalo, at Sophakama Primary School in Dunoon. The school had identified key areas where they required assistance. One of the key areas was improving Literacy and so Rogz Books and Beyond was born!

Meeting Sabelo and the Teachers

Our Goals

Currently children are taught in Xhosa, their mother tongue, until Grade 3. In Grade 4 they change to English, resulting in learning difficulties across subjects from Grade 4 onwards.
Our goal is to work closely with the teachers to ensure all children are literate in English by Grade 4, so that they can be taught in English, without having to struggle with the language over and above the challenges of Grade 4.


We are also hoping to generate a culture of literacy and reading for enjoyment and fun in all languages across the grades.

reading with the children reading with the children (6) reading with the children (3)Note: click HERE to read more about current initiatives


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