The Starfish story is one which resonates with Annie Fuller of Rogz, who started a Rogz Covid19 Food Drive in Melkbos at the start of South Africa’s Lockdown in April 2020.

She continues every week to receive donations of sandwiches, vegetables and dry food to help the Rogz Academy, Boost Africa and Stone Dragon alleviate hunger in Atlantis, Dunoon, Joe Slovo and Khayelitsha. To help, Annie’s eldest daughter Abby makes soup every week and her husband Paul, Director of Rogz, has harvested most of the vegetables in the Rogz Urban Farm to provide Rogz veggie boxes for the Food Drive.

Annie works closely with Callie Lewis and Louise Retief of The Rogz Academy, who have helped with advice for finding effective, honest avenues of help like Mothers That Care and Rotary.

Annie comments: “It becomes overwhelming when you realize how many people are hungry, and even more now with the effects of the Lockdown due to Covid-19, with people losing jobs and not being able to buy or source food to feed their families. But every sandwich or mug of soup is filling an empty tummy, one at a time. It has been difficult to reach some vulnerable groups so there has been a network of people helping. I am very grateful to Rogz for being a conduit to these communities. It is important that every donation we receive, actually reaches the hungry. That is my mission.”

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