We have just received some news that is simply too exciting not to share.

We learnt yesterday that Partners for Possibility (PfP) was recently recognized by the international NGO Advisor amongst the top 100 NGO’s worldwide !!!!

So we want to share this celebration with you and thank you for your role in empowering us along this journey.

We are very pleased and proud of the fact that we have been able to establish and grow the ROGZ – Sophakama partnership into one of the exemplary PfP partnerships in the country and we would never have been able to do so without our extended support network.

Sincere THANK YOU for all of your support and contributions towards the ROGZ Academy Books and Beyond over the last 5 years.

Not only have we been able to impact the life trajectory of thousands of young learners at Sophakama, but we have also been able to make our contribution towards the broader Partners for Possibility NGO impacting over 700 schools and a great multitude of children and families all across South Africa.

If you want to stay informed about what we do – please feel free to check out any of the below links:

The Website here 

The Blog here

You can also learn more about Partners for Possibility here 



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