KONG comes to visit Sophakama

On our recent visit to Sophakama Primary we had KONG join us to see the progress at Sophakama Primary from the early days until now.

Their last visit to the school was in 2014, way back when the new school building was still to be built.

Following their visit in 2014 they donated 60 pairs of shoes to the school choir,  you can read more about that here  

On their latest visit John and KD were welcomed by the ladies working in the canteen on the feeding scheme, and they looked at old photographs, reminiscing about the early days and how far Sophakama has progressed.

They were also taken on a guided tour with Sabelo and our Books and Beyond Team who showed them what programs they have implemented and how it’s done.

Then they were introduced to the new learners in the Library whom read out loud to them from the Nali’Bali Excerpt.

This was a very special moment as all the learners started reading out loud and John and KD participated in their attempt to Read in Xhosa.


We then followed in pursuit to find the young boy of whom a picture was taken back in the day and we attempted to find him, however we managed to establish that he had already advanced to High School.

None the less, they were fortunate enough to create new memories and spent special moments with some of the learners and Teachers.

Thanks to the team and to KONG for making this a ROGZ academy Books and Beyond Proud day!









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