Last session on Breaking Beliefs

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It was an emotional and heart-warming last session with Lisa Garson and her team from NextStep coaching.  What a journey for the Youth, exploring their emotions and belief system and challenging what does not serve them.

Feedback from our volunteers have been very positive and for some it initiated a process of self-discovery that forms such a big part of their self-development.  We are looking forward to introducing this powerful course to our next group of volunteers in 2022!


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Progression Sessions

With the start of term 3, we focused on progression sessions to assist volunteers with their journey ahead.  This includes support for further studies as well as moving into a work space.  Topics covered related to time management, how to conduct a job search effectively, writing CV’s and cover letters etc.  Volunteers were excited to

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International Literacy day

On the 8th of September we celebrated International Literacy day.  Our volunteers read stories to learners to encourage reading.  See some photo’s from Silverleaf Primary below.  It is so important to find time to read and to the encourage the love of books as this is the pathway to knowledge.

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