Leadership Development for YEBO Tutors! 24-27 June 2019

An awesome opportunity was afforded to our Year Beyond tutors recently, to have a glimpse of ‘student life’. They took part in a week long Leadership Development Programme at Stellenbosch University campus, staying at the Huis Ten Bosch hostel.

The week kicked off with a tour of the campus on the first day, so as to easily navigate their way around, and the rest of the week was spent exploring topics including: leadership challenges (in schools and outside), conflict management, presentation skills, how to lead with purpose, finding your purpose and developing a leadership development plan.

They also relaxed a bit at the movies and had an evening of games and fun.

“I would love to study at Stellenbosch” and “We had lots of fun” were some of the comments made. What a great way to end off Term 2!

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