The Library is ready for reading

A library is an invaluable resource for the learners of any school.

Especially a school like Sophakama Primary School in Dunoon, which is situated 7 km from the nearest community library, quite a distance for learners to travel.

While the school waited for the completion of their new school building the learners had no access to the library books that were kept in storage for over two years.

Then, when they moved into their new school building, the library had to be used as an extra classroom and the librarian, Mrs. Noxie Mdini, was required to fill a teaching role.

However, the school was committed to establishing an operational library and this month that intention materialized.

20160811_121950 (Custom)

The library is now open for business during school from 08h00–15h00,

with Mrs. Mdini being fully utilized as the school librarian. Hopefully soon, the library hours will be extended to later in the afternoons. Watch this space!



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