Like a kid in a playpen, a dog in the water!

It’s summer!  The weather is warm, the days are long, the birds are singing and life is good. So if you are spending these perfect days indoors, get off the couch and get outside now.

Take your dog with you and get your hands on one of both of the following Rogz Yotz:


There’s no better time to go to the beach than during summer. And because we love dogs, we love summer and we love the beach, it was almost too natural for us to come up with a toy that epitomizes it all.  The Rogz LightHouse is our newest dog toy.  Shaped like a lighthouse and coloured with contrasting red and white stripes, this toy not only floats but it stands up right! Your LightHouse will stand erect in the waves and in any pool, dam or puddle of water because it is weighted at the bottom. This makes it easier to see and easier for your dog to grab. The cleverly positioned sling-shot string on the top of the toy makes throwing it much easier and cleaner (no more dog slobber on your hands) not to mention you could well compete in the Olympics for distance throwing! This is the perfect toy for your dog and for summer – just don’t leave it lying around as the LightHouse is not a chew-toy!


Soft, squishy, cuddly and loads of fun to bite, throw and chew on – these are our Rogz Clones.  Since your pet is no doubt already looking up to one of our clones as their icon, why not give them what they want? Their very own Hero Toy!

By Delaney Carpenter (aka Rogz Reporter)

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