If you loved me you would let me sleep on the bed…

Let me first say there is no right or wrong answer about dogs sleeping on the bed.

Dogs and owners have different relationships, for some its appropriate and for some
its not.

What is true for all dogs is this: If you do not intend to have your dog on your bed
when he is fully grown, do not allow him to sleep there when he is a pup! A bulldog
puppy may be the cutest thing on the planet snuggling with you under the covers, but
it’s an entirely different matter to have a grown dog, who snores and is too heavy to
push off your pillow, sharing the sheets with you.

Teach puppies to sleep on the floor right away, if they will sleep there as a grown
dog. If your pup spends the first few weeks sleeping in your bed, you will have a
confused pup and a major mental battle on your hands when trying to get him out.

Most people who make this mistake, only attempt to get the pup sleeping on the floor
when he is big enough to hop onto the bed. This results in the pup spending all night
jumping back on the bed and no one sleeping much. If you teach your pup while he
is young and unable to jump on the bed to sleep on the floor next to you, that will
simply be his routine into adulthood. You will have a few nights of whining when your
pup first comes home, but that will pass if you ignore it.

Being consistent about sleeping places will go a long way to a good night sleep for

“If you want a good dog, you need to be a great owner.”

Karis – aka Rogz Wrangler

(c) Karis Nafte 2014



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