Melanie Hurter aka “UltraMel”

Europe Sales Co-ordinator, RWHQ, SOUTH AFRICA

You can either speak to the man who thinks he’s in charge, or the lady who knows what’s going on! Mel has been BIG Johnny Jetlags right hand woman for over two years. In this short space of time she has become an invaluable member of the ROGZ Team looking after the 23 Distributors and Hub in Europe. Her attention to detail, efficiency, friendly nature and wicked sense of humour can be misleading.

She’s a Mauy-Thai kickboxer, belly-dancer and mother to 3 year old Damian! Having met many of our clients at Interzoo last year, she has become a welcome and popular member of the Euro squad. But her good looks and friendly nature can be deceiving – go on, give her a hard time. We dare you!!

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