Morning English literacy programme off to an awesome start!

After a long December holiday, the literacy volunteer group arrived at Sophakama to an enthusiastic welcome from teachers and learners. Everyone was rearing to go!

The learners have progressed from Grade 2 to Grade 3 and have another 6 months to go on the programme.

They were very excited to see us and one Grade 3 teacher said that learners had been asking her relentlessly, “When are the English ladies coming?”

It’s this type of heart warming feedback that makes the work that we do at Sophakama so worthwhile. We will continue to focus on reading and on improving comprehension of the learners over the next 6 months.

Our dedicated volunteers also handed over books they had purchased themselves to their individual children, as belated Christmas gifts.

Great start to the year, everyone!





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  1. Veronica SucklingFebruary 4, 2017 at 12:56 pm #

    I have certainly enjoyed my first two sessions under supervision – I really appreciated being under the watchful eye of two experienced members of the group. I feel certain that it is going to be a inspiring and rewarding time for me and look forward to it.

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