My Miracle Girl, Chinzi

Chinzi was born in KZN on 22nd December 2006. She had only been competing in Agility for a couple months when she had a freak accident in September 2008.

She severed one of her toe tendons completely and another 60%, in her right hind foot.  Some vets said she would never regain full proper function of those two toes and no-one knew how it would affect her jumping career.  My vet did the emergency surgery and a specialist said there would only be a 1% chance that the stitch with which they rejoined the tendon would hold… With special post-op care and rehab therapy, Chinzi was ready to start jumping again only 4 months later!  She qualified for her first SA Champs in 2009 and became a Flyball Champion, winning SAFDA’s Fastest Flyball Dog.  Her Flyball team, the Boland Flyers, also won the KUSA Nationals and set a new SA record in Flyball of 17.63 seconds which is still currently standing.

My little miracle girl has amazing tenacity and the spirit of a winner.  In 2010 she won 12 Champion titles including KUSA National Non-Contact and the WODAC Incredible Dog. This year we will be trying to qualify to represent South Africa at the Agility World Championships in Lievin, France.  Hold thumbs for us!

Article by Annaret Meintjes

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