Our special volunteers get together

Another awesome morning spent with people who enjoy making a difference in their community! Our volunteers got together for yummy muffins and coffee today to discuss a few adjustments to our English Literacy Programme.

The programme has been running for four years now at Sophakama Primary School and we will be starting our fifth group of learners in July. Some tweaks to the programme are planned for this next start and volunteers were given the details about these. The main changes are that volunteers will still see two learners during each hour session, but will now work 1–1 with each learner for half an hour. We can’t wait to see what impact this will make on our learners!

We also all benefitted from an inspirational training session with Linda Rutter, an education consultant, who offered some useful troubleshooting tips for our reading sessions. We are all looking forward to trying out some new methods and techniques!

Spending time with special people is always a pleasure and no more so than our very own reading volunteers!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Tracy on farquhar@telkomsa.net


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