Our wonderful volunteers!

A lot of our work at Sophakama is based on the goodwill of volunteers and donations.

For example, without the commitment and involvement of volunteers on our English Literacy Programme, we would be unable to sustain the twice-weekly English sessions we have with the learners.

And what an absolute inspiration our group of volunteers on the English Literacy Programme are!

Twice a week, we all pile into our cars and drive to the school. The drive to the school is usually filled with catch-up conversations from the last time we saw one another and the drive from the school is spent comparing notes on how our individual sessions went; expressions of affection for ‘our’ learners and tips to one another on what went well during our session and what didn’t.

Although the hour spent with the learners is intense; each volunteer works with two learners; I always leave the group in good humour and motivated to continue with the work we are doing.

The selfless attitude of our volunteers towards making a difference in our communities and their dedication to our project is invaluable! Thank you Everyone!

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering on this wonderful programme.


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